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Industry Feedback


Every  photo shoot is an experience  with Justin. We love the brainstorming sessions before each shoot to find our direction. He is helping us reach our goals as a company. 


Not only does he get along great with my clients but he also captures the beauty of each project I do and that's why I will continue to hire him for future projects.

Interior Design

Justin is very easy to work with and coordinates well with our designers as they stage each space. He has a great understanding of natural light and chooses great angles for the photos that we wouldn't have picked ourselves.



For the past 10 years I have been photographing commercial spaces for architects, construction companies, real estate agents and general contractors among others. Highlighting spaces like these takes experience and connections. I spend much of my time building them both.  



I've learned from working with interior designers to do as they do. I Pay close attention to detail when staging my spaces, I never compromise quality for time and take pride in going out of my way to make small changes that make the space pop. Shooting tethered onsite via laptop allows us to review the photos and discuss editing style before we finish to ensure you are happy with every shot I take.  



The ability to photograph architecture in its best form comes from practice and patience. It's impossible to approach these projects in the same way. Great architecture should not be copied and I always apply this thought process to find lines that showcase the intention of the architect and the buildings' beautiful form.

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In addition to service, cleanliness and quality, an exceptional restaurant  showcases the atmosphere and the menu through photographs. My job is to make sure that your potential patrons can imagine themselves in your establishment when they look at the screen. 

Variety Of Services

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Let's create portraits that show more than just your "good" side. I want to tell a story. Whether it be updating your professional profile pic or corporate headshots to show off the talented employees at your company.   



Progress shots, photographic documentation, Historic restoration; just a few important areas of construction that require a professional with experience in all these fields. This is one aspect of the business where I don't break the mold and stick to the book. Safety standards and practices are key when I'm on the job-site. Hardhat and boots are always in my car.



I know what the most successful real estate agents know. Professional photos are the most powerful tool to sell property, second only to the agent themselves. I shoot luxury real estate, large commercial properties and have a special process for creating stunning "twilight" images.



Documenting a special day? I practice a "photojournalism" stye of photography when shooting weddings, ribbon cutting ceremonies, grand openings or any other event that would benefit from more candid shots than "staged". 

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